www.dnaprogram.pl collects only information stored in cookie files automatically.

Cookie files are small text files with information stored on a computer or end device of a user when browsing the www.dnaprogram.pl website, through the server of DNA Program Europe Sp. z o.o.

With each click of a link made by the user when browsing www.dnaprogram.pl a cookie file is sent to DNA Program Europe Sp. z o.o. When clicking such links, it is possible for server mechanisms of www.dnaprogram.pl to read information contained in the cookie file.

Cookies are used to adjust the www.dnaprogram.pl website content to User preferences.

Cookies contain statistical information (e.g. number of user visits on the website).

Cookies do not enable User identification – they are fully anonymous and do not enable to collect personal data or confidential information from a User’s device.

The web browser deletes expired cookie files automatically. The User may also delete cookies at any time.

Persistent cookie files remain on the User’s device for a longer period (e.g. a year), while session cookie files are deleted after the web browser is closed.

The User may block cookie files accepted from www.dnaprogram.pl by changing the web browser settings. Using limitations such as blocking cookie files may lead to incorrect functioning of www.dnaprogram.pl.